Translator Blacklist

It used to be pretty wild out there. You hired linguists over the internet, paid them a lot of money, and prayed that they would translate your document or website professionally. They sent you their resumes, provided some references, perhaps took a sample translation test. But you know what? This only measures their language skills. Can you really ever judge how these people will behave in a long run, or when you have an urgent job to complete? Do you know how often clients receive nothing when their deadline comes after translators dupe them into believing they are working on their project? Yes, it happens. A lot. And your business will have to pay a high price for it.

But with TSU's Translator Blacklist, cheating translators could be a thing of the past. Our comprehensive list of cheating translators includes names of all human translators accused of cheating by:

  1. Submitting machine translations.
  2. Providing poor quality translations.
  3. Not delivering translations on time, or at all.

The list is constantly being updated.